Johanna is a beautiful soul who practices the true essence of yoga effortlessly from the heart. Being immersed in her teachings is an experience I’ll never forget and her wisdom continues to guide me through the journey of life

Greg Heath

Byron Bay, Australia

"I have been blessed to have Johanna guide me through many Yoga Nidra meditations. Her calming voice and welcome adjustments makes her a dream instructor"

Chelsea Oldmeadow

The Happy Hippy Yoga Studio

"Taking a private yoga course with Johanna is a much more than a simple course is a privilege ...a marvelous and unique trip ....she synchronises herself and her knowledge with you and your needs in a delicate and powerful way ...there is just one problem : once you tried  a " Johanna ‘s lesson"  you get addicted  :) :) :) ...for the lucky people who cross her path, please don't miss it and your body and soul would thank youuuuuu"



« From the moment I met Johanna Pollet and commenced our conversation on body movement and spirituality, I was very relaxed. Her ability to communicate with a true sense of beauty reflects in her teachings. Meditation and stretching are a daily practice for me, with Johanna's tuition. I have benefited from deeper breaths while meditating and longer, deeper stretches. This is all due to her diligence in instruction. A true teacher who is able to observe the human body and give advice in an individual and group environment. Thank you Johanna » 


Bali, Indonesia

"There are so many yoga instructors in London but it is so difficult to find one that truly helps you at all levels in just one session.  Johanna is one of the few that makes a real difference to your day! She has an ability to inspire in so many ways, not only in her perfect poses and gentle movements but also in her voice which is soothing and content. Johanna also has a big heart which shows in the way she cares that everyone is doing the right postures and is enjoying the session. What I truly like is her style and pace as an instructor. In one session she will cover breathing exercises while reminding us of the breathing during the rest of the session and also physical routines as well as work on poses to focus on specific parts of the body. Moreover, she explains why poses are beneficial to our daily lives which gives it practical meaning as well. Just amazing how skilled she is in so many ways which is why she is such a complete yoga instructor!"

Natasha Schneider


"I have taken many Yoga classes around the World, and Johanna's teaching technique remains the one I feel the most beneficial. Her classes are authentic and she focuses on each student as an individual. She acknowledges each of our abilities and limitations. She encourages each of us to work at our own pace without judgement in a safe environment. Her instruction focuses around creating a bridge between the mind and body. I work as a long haul flight attendent and often struggle with sleep and low energy levels. Recently, I pointed this out to Johanna. A few days later, I received a guided meditation recording.  She specifically took the time to address my concerns to create this sleep inducing meditation for me. I now use this on my travels when I struggle with jet lag and her soothing voice sends me to a place of stillness. Johanna goes the extra mile for her students and this really demonstrates her passion for Yoga and the benefits for us in today's new World." - Celine

Celine Moizard


"Thank you so much for the wonderful classes. It's been really beautiful and we have honestly felt changes. You're an amazing teacher!" 

The Shah family


"Thank you very much for all your kind words and inspiration. I am stopping and breathing in stressful situations. It really does help to calm me down" - Anne Marie

Anne Marie Wright


"I've really learnt a lot during this 8 weeks course. My breathing will never be the same again. And it's all positive and because of you! Merci" - Sebastian 

Sebastian Wright


"Johanna is an amazing yoga teacher. Johanna combines in her classes both the physical and spiritual components of yoga practice.  The poses and sequences that are integrated into each session, accommodate students both physically and mentally. Johanna's warm and kind-hearted personality allows everyone in the room to relax and breath.  She has a deep empathy and understanding of her students' bodies, their limitations, injuries, strengths, and will work with you to help you deepen your practice.  I can not say enough great things about Johanna’s teachings! She is fantastic!"- Monica Fuentes

Monica Fuentes


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